Dec 09
KC Sivaramakrishnan(IIT Madras)
Retrofitting Effect Handlers to OCaml
Nov 11
Hila Peleg(UCSD)
Programmer Tools with Program Synthesis
Nov 04
Linghui Luo(Paderborn University)
TaintBench: Automatic Real-World Malware Benchmarking of Android Taint Analyses
Oct 21
Aviral Goel(NEU)
On the Design, Implementation, and Use of Laziness in R
Oct 14
Andreea Costea
ROBoSuSLik: Concise Read-Only Specifications for Better Synthesis of Programs with Pointers
Oct 07
Priyanka Golia
Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis
Sep 30
Zhen Dong
Time-travel Testing of Android Apps
Sep 23
Teodora Baluta
Towards Dynamic Oracle-guided Synthesis of Abstractions for Deep Neural Networks
Sep 16
George Pîrlea
CoSplit: Practical Smart Contract Sharding with Static Program Analysis
Sep 09
Martin Henz
SICP JS: Ketchup on Caviar?
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