Dec 01

Yutaka Nagashima joins the team as a postdoc. Welcome, Yutaka!

Nov 30

Our paper on Automated Repair of Heap-Manipulating Programs via SuSLik-style Synthesis will appear at VMCAI 2021.

Nov 02

An extended paper on Distributed Protocol Combinators with an expanded toolset and more case studies has been accepted for publication in Journal of Functional Programming. Now we can do Paxos!

Sep 25

Ilya will present the work on CoSplit at PurPL Seminar Series.

Aug 09

Yunjeong Lee and George Pîrlea join the team as a PhD students at NUS School of Computing. Welcome!

Apr 06

The paper by Kiran on mechanised verification of probabilistic properties of Bloom filters and their generalisations has been accepted to CAV 2020.


Dec 24

Our paper on enhancing deductive program synthesis with read-only permissions will appear at ESOP 2020.

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